Market Supervision Committee

Our Market Supervision Committee (MSC), chaired by Dr Karl-Peter Horstmann of RWE Supply and Trading, and the Task Forces and Working Groups which support it, deals with various regulatory developments, which aim to strengthen market integrity and transparency and to reduce systemic risk.  Our MSC group works closely with policy makers and regulators, including in the Commission, ACER and ESMA, to discuss how to ensure a robust and proportionate regulatory framework in Europe.

Among other things, the MSC considers:

  • Measures related to the strengthening of market integrity, including provisions prohibiting market abuse – including market manipulation and insider trading – in electricity, gas, emission allowances, and related derivatives markets.
  • Policies aimed at enhancing market transparency including via publication requirements for fundamental data and inside information, data reporting regimes and market monitoring mechanisms for regulators and trading venues.

A series of Task Forces and Working Groups support the work of the MSC Committee, covering:

  • Market Integrity and Transparency;
  • EMIR;
  • Operational Regulatory Reporting;
  • Sustainable Finance;
  • Fintech (joint with legal).

If you’d like to find out more about our work, please contact the Secretary to the MSC Committee, Mike Bostan, or explore the links below:



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