The EFET Energy Markets Training Program (EMTP) is an easily accessible, web-based, training programme designed to assist energy company staff to understand the complexities of energy commodity markets.

Do you and your colleagues want to learn more about energy trading? Then this program is an excellent choice!

The course covers seven modules, each expected to take one to two hours to complete. It is designed to work on all browsers, and it is suitable for desktops, tablets and mobiles. In addition to the main course text, there are boxes and links with additional information, and a detailed glossary and library with key documents such as standard agreements.

The course modules are:
  1. Energy Markets
  2. Commodity Trading
  3. Life Cycle of a Deal
  4. Energy Markets Risks
  5. Master agreements
  6. Energy Markets Regulation
  7. Back Office Tasks
The program has been fully updated and we check and update regularly. There is an annual fee and all employees at your company can participate.

2024 fees:
EFET-members: Euro 1500 per calendar year per company.
Non-EFET members: Euro 2750 per calendar year per company.

Are you not sure whether your company is a member? Have a look at our website

Participants who have completed all the quizzes and if the total score is over 75% can print a certificate confirming that the training programme has been successfully completed. There is also the option to appoint an administrator, this person can add people and prepare reports.

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